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Experience Total Beauty Care with Faradbeauty's Advanced Solutions

Why FaradBeauty Nourish Massage Comb

(Ultimate 4-in-1 Hair Care Solution Routine)

  • Scalp Massage Relax

    Relax and relieve scalp stress

  • Essence oil Atomization

    Deep nourishment

  • Red Light Therapy

    Prevent hair loss

  • Tangle-Free Combing

    Effortlessly glide through

Why FaradBeauty LED Therapy Mask

(Focus on Upgraded Attributes)

  • More LEDs

    92 sets of 368 LED beads

  • more lights

    More Lights

    Red, NIR, Blue and Orange

  • Smarter

    Customizable controller

  • More Portable

    240g, skincare on the go

  • More Energy

    Lasts over 2 hours on one charge

  • U-Flex Straps

    Adjustable wearing

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Measuring Wavelengths to Ensure Therapeutic Value

The FaradBeauty LED Light Therapy Mask: Unlocking Your Skin Health Benefits

  • remove wrinkles with led light therapy

    Reduce wrinkles and fine lines

  • Prevent and clear acne

  • redness reduce

    Soothe redness and inflammation

  • Improve skin tone and fade dark spots

  • Tighten loose skin

    Tighten and firm loose skin

  • promote a healthy radian complexion

    Enhance a healthy radiant complexion

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