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Why FaradBeauty LED Therapy Mask

(Focus on Upgraded Attributes)

  • More LEDs

    92 sets of 368 LED beads,broader coverage & penetration

  • more lights

    More Lights

    Includes Red Light, NIR, Blue Light and Orange Light Therapy

  • Smarter

    The customizable controller with display enables adjusting multiple light modes, intensities and treatment times

  • More Portable

    At just 240g, this lightweight device makes skincare on the go effortless

  • More Energy

    The 2000mAh battery lasts over 2 hours on one charge, sufficient for around 10 15-minute uses.

  • U-Flex Straps

    The U-Flex Straps deliver adjustable wearing for an occipital or overhead fit. Wear light therapy your way

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Measuring Wavelengths to Ensure Therapeutic Value

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faradbeauty led therapy face mask

Experience the transformative effects of medical-grade light therapy that enhances your skin's natural radiance

The FaradBeauty LuxeGlow LED Mask is an advanced skincare product that utilizes Red Light Therapy, Near-infrared Light Therapy, Blue Light Therapy, and Orange Light Therapy LED Mask to rejuvenate your skin. With 368 effective LEDs arranged in 92 groups, this mask is supported by clinical studies.

LED skin care mask

Radiance on the move

Take control of your skincare routine wherever you are with the FARADBEAUTY LuxeGlow LED mask. This portable and flexible beauty device is designed for portable use, making it the ultimate travel companion. Offering a comprehensive solution, LuxeGlow ensures you achieve optimal results, allowing you to radiate confidence no matter where life leads you


The FaradBeauty LED Light Therapy Mask: Unlocking Your Skin Health Benefits

It's time to put an end to self-consciousness and restore your confidence in having great skin, so you can feel like your true self once more.

In the past, the skin-smoothing and firming benefits of LED Light Therapy were exclusively accessible through costly in-clinic treatments. However, now you have the opportunity to harness the power of this technology and experience the same remarkable results right from the comfort anytime,anywhere.

  • remove wrinkles with led light therapy

    Reduce wrinkles and fine lines

  • Prevent and clear acne

  • redness reduce

    Soothe redness and inflammation

  • Improve skin tone and fade dark spots

  • Tighten loose skin

    Tighten and firm loose skin

  • promote a healthy radian complexion

    Enhance a healthy radiant complexion

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Perfect Fit Promise

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  • Money Back Guarantee

    Shop with confidence thanks to our 30-day return policy, offering a risk-free purchasing experience

  • One Year Warranty

    Your purchase is fully guaranteed, as we offer free repairs or replacements with brand new items

  • Top Quality Guaranteed

    We strive to offer only the highest quality products on the market and to work with customers to ensure complete satisfaction

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