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FaradBeauty Hair Care Nourish Massage Comb

FaradBeauty Hair Care Nourish Massage Comb

The Ultimate 4-in-1 Hair Care Solution

  • Scalp Massage: Stimulates scalp nerves for relaxation and hair growth
  • Essence Oil Atomization: Deep nourishment with hair grow/care essential oils.
  • Red Light Therapy: Promote scalp health and prevent hair loss.
  • Smooth & Tangle-Free Combing: Effortlessly glide through hair.
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  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty
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About FaradBeauty Nourish Massage Comb

Introducing the Faradbeauty Nourish Massage Comb

Experience the innovation of the Faradbeauty Nourish Massage Comb, the ultimate 4-in-1 hair care solution designed to transform your hair care routine and address common hair and scalp issues.

Faradbeauty Comb = Scalp Massage + Essence Oil Atomization + Red Light Therapy + Tangle-Free Combing

This groundbreaking comb offers:

  • Scalp Massage: High-frequency micro-vibrations that relax and relieve scalp stress, providing a soothing massage that mimics gentle hand pressure.
  • Essence Oil Atomization Hair Care: Advanced oil atomization technology that delivers deep nourishment to your hair with essential oils, ensuring even distribution and maximum absorption for healthier, shinier hair.
  • Red Light Therapy: Promotes scalp health and helps prevent hair loss by stimulating hair follicles and enhancing blood circulation.
  • Tangle-Free Combing: Smoothly and effortlessly glide through your hair, reducing tangles and breakage, and leaving your hair silky and manageable.

The Faradbeauty Nourish Massage Comb is designed to provide comprehensive care for both your hair and scalp, addressing issues such as dryness, frizz, scalp tension, and hair loss. It combines cutting-edge technology with practical design to ensure that your hair looks and feels its best with minimal effort. Discover the ultimate hair care experience with Faradbeauty.


Product Name: FaradBeauty Nourish Massage Comb
Product Model: 2311
Operating Voltage: DC 3.7V
Operating Power: 5W
Charging Voltage: DC 5V
Charging Current: 1A
Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
Power Interface: Type-C
Battery Life: ≈ 40 minutes
Charging Time: ≈ 2.5 hours
Massage Vibration Frequency: 2400 rpm
Product Material: ABS
Product Dimensions: 162x78x68mm
Product Net Weight: 255g

What's included?

  • Hair Nourish Massage Comb * 1
  • Essential Oil Cartridge *3 (Included as a complimentary gift; refills sold separately)
  • Type-C Cable* 1
  • Quick Start Guide* 1
  • User Manual* 1

Attention: Care Instructions for Oil Atomization

  1. Compatibility: Pair our Faradbeauty comb with our premium Faradbeauty Essential Oil Cartridges for seamless integration and prevention of oil clogs, leaks, or wastage. Each cartridge is pre-loaded with 1.3mL of patented Gentian Root extract and high-quality hair care ingredients, supporting up to 80 sessions of oil atomization (5 minutes each).
  2. Cleaning Instructions: Turn off the main unit before cleaning. While the comb teeth are removable for water cleaning, avoid submerging the main body. Use a clean cloth for surface dirt and a mild detergent with a soft cloth for deeper cleaning. Avoid corrosive cleaners, water ingress, soaking, or rinsing. Air dry naturally after cleaning."

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Is 'Hair Matters' Becoming Your Concern?

  • Tense Scalp

    Feeling dizzy and mentally strained

  • Dull Hair

    Dry and frizzy hair texture

  • Hair Loss

    The Daily Hassle of Hair Loss

  • Tangle Hair

    Difficult to comb through

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  • Scalp Massage Relax

    Relieve scalp stress & Boosts Blood Circulation

  • Essence Oil Atomization

    Deep nourishment

  • Red Light Therapy

    Prevent hair loss

  • Tangle-Free Combing

    Effortlessly glide through hair

? Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this comb on wet hair?

Usually the Faradbeauty comb is not suitable for use on dripping wet hair because it is not fully waterproof. However, it is perfect for use on slightly damp hair. After washing your hair, towel dry it, and then use a hair dryer on a cool setting to dry it slightly. When your hair still retains some moisture and hasn't fully dried, using the comb with a misting essential oil treatment will be very effective. This helps to lock in moisture and allows the nutrients in the essential oil to be more easily absorbed, keeping your hair smooth and shiny for a longer period. Additionally, with the combination of misting essential oil, red light therapy, and massage function, it provides a gentle and comprehensive spa treatment for your hair and scalp.

When is the best time to use our comb for maximum effectiveness?

  1. After washing and drying your hair: When your hair still retains some moisture, using the comb for misting essential oil treatments helps lock in moisture and enhances the benefits of the essential oils.
  2. During daily life or work when feeling scalp tension or fatigue: The comb's micro-vibration effect can stimulate the nerves in your scalp, promoting relaxation. This type of relaxation is different from hand massage; it provides a tingling sensation that helps improve blood circulation in the scalp.
  3. Before sleeping: Using the comb to massage your scalp before bed can improve blood circulation at the roots of your hair, making you feel relaxed and comfortable. Better sleep quality can lead to better overall health, reducing white hair and hair loss.
  4. As a tool in beauty, wellness, and therapy centers: It can also serve as an additional relaxation tool in beauty salons, wellness centers, and therapy clinics.

How does the massage function of the comb work?

The Faradbeauty Nourishing Scalp Massage Comb, featuring innovative vibration technology with 152 fine teeth to effectively stimulate scalp nerves. This gentle vibration promotes blood circulation, providing a soothing sensation that relaxes the scalp, relieves fatigue, and enhances nutrient and oxygen supply to the hair follicles. Unlike traditional manual massages relying on direct pressure and kneading, our device focuses on rapidly improving scalp blood circulation to relax tension, support scalp health, and potentially revive dormant follicles.

While it feels different from traditional manual massages, our design ensures broad and effective scalp stimulation for a unique relaxation and scalp rejuvenation experience. Ideal for those who appreciate essential oil mist and light therapy, our comb enhances these benefits with its effective brushing action. For optimal results, we recommend combining it with traditional scalp massages to maximize your scalp care routine and harness the advantages of both methods.

High-Frequency Vibration Massage

  • 2400 RPM vibrations mimic gentle hand massage.
  • Two settings for personalized comfort.
  • Effectively stimulates scalp nerves for relaxation.
  • Rounded teeth ensure a soothing scalp experience.

5 Minutes of Daily Massage

  • Boosts Blood Circulation for Healthy Hair Growth
  • Relieves Scalp Tension, Reducing Stress
  • Stimulates Hair Follicles for Enhanced Metabolism
  • Enhances Nutrient Absorption for Effective Products
  • Soothes the Nervous System, Easing Anxiety

Innovative Heated Oil Atomization

  • Fine oil molecules penetrate hair and scalp.
  • Eliminates the hassle of uneven oil application.
  • Four levels of protection to reduce breakage
  • Reduces dryness and frizz for softer.

Magnetic Essential Oil Cartridge

  • Seamless Installation: Effortlessly attaches for convenient use.
  • Premium Ingredients: Includes patented Gentian Root extract,Rosemary and plant oils
  • Protects and Balances: Shields scalp and maintains balance.
  • Deep Hydration: Enhances moisture retention for healthy hair.
  • Anti-Static: Reduces static for easier manageability.

Precision 152-Teeth Comb

  • Enhanced Scalp Stimulation
  • Rounded arc design fits the head
  • Staggered teeth heights separate hair strands

650nm Red Light Therapy

  • Stimulates Hair Growth: 650nm red light enhances blood circulation to hair follicles.
  • Prevents Hair Loss: Strengthens hair follicles to reduce thinning.
  • Boosts Scalp Health: Penetrates deeply to reduce inflammation.